Worksite Safety

Safety Services 

In 2020, the Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta reported that approximately 3 in 100 workers were injured. Providing a safe work environment for your team members promotes productivity, reduces business costs and disruption, and enhances your brand value. Customers want to work with companies that are safe.

In addition to providing safety equipment and supplies, Saturn Safety offers a variety of worksite safety services to help your business stay compliant and safe.

Respirator Fit Testing, Inspecting, and Cleaning


Fall Protection Inspections and Recommendations

DOP/PAO HEPA Filter Testing

First Aid Kit Inspections and Supplies

Custom Spill Kits and Risk Assessments

Safety Surveys & Site Checks

People wearing properly fitting respirator masks

Respirator Fit Testing, Inspecting, and Cleaning

To protect the health and safety of your team members, it is imperative that respirators fit each person properly. A tight seal around the face and neck protects by providing proper filtration to remove hazardous substances.

Saturn Safety examines respirator fits to test the effectiveness of the seal on each of your team members, as per CSA standards. Fit tests can be done at your job site and upon successful completion, we provide you with records to match your team members with their masks. Fit testing should be done before the first use of a respirator and re-testing is recommended annually.

Worker carrying fall protection inspection clipboard

Fall Protection Inspections

Alberta’s OH&S Code requires employers to have a fall protection plan when a team member may fall 3 metres or more, and if there are no protective guardrails in place. While fall protection equipment should be checked before every use, harnesses, lanyards, and anchor straps must be inspected annually to ensure they continue to meet safety standards.

Saturn Safety’s certified experts inspects for broken, burned, or pulled stitching and rivets at hardware attachment points, and examines all webbing, belt ends, buckles, and D-Rings. Upon determining if there is any need for equipment repairs, we will arrange for those to be taken in and will send you the appropriate information.

A DOP PAO HEPA filter testing box sitting on floor in room by ladder


A DOP or PAO test is a process that tests the integrity of HEPA filters by utilizing a dispersed aerosol solution. By certifying that HEPA filters are fully functional, without leakage or damage, you are creating and maintaining a safe work environment for your employees. Any materials that contain HEPA filters should be tested every time the equipment is moved or being used on a new project. On long jobs, filters should be tested every four weeks.

Saturn Safety offers on-site DOP testing for your HEPA equipped air movers. Our  safety experts are  fully trained to conduct site hazard assessments and adhere to your site requirements.

First aid kit testing and supplies by Saturn Safety

First Aid Kit Inspections

First aid kits are filled with items designed to help in an emergency, but how useful are these when they expire or deteriorate? First aid materials should be checked regularly and audited to ensure you always have what you need for any project.

Saturn Safety checks for unsafe or damaged products, expiration dates, and ensures all required items are present in your first aid kit. We also provide a wide range of first aid products, including basic at-home kits.

Custom Spill Kit

Custom Spill Kits

Many industries work with hazardous substances that can cause serious consequences if exposed. Spill kits are specifically designed to clean up dangerous spills in the most safe and efficient way possible. After a risk assessment process, Saturn Safety builds and provides custom spill kits to meet your unique needs. Absorbent and neutralizing materials are tailored to assist with containment, clean-up and disposal.

Safety Surveys & Site Checks

Identify safety risks on your job site before they occur

Employers are responsible for providing safe work sites for their teams. In Alberta, legislation requires you to have a safety program in place if you have over 20 team members! A safety survey can reveal risks on your job site, enabling you to know where to make changes.

Benefits of conducting a site safety survey include:

  • preventing fines and penalties
  • reducing costs associated with time loss and WCB claims
  • retaining and improving team satisfaction
Saturn Safety conducts surveys and site checks for a variety of industries including construction and manufacturing.

Online Safety Training Courses

Online e-learning has never been easier! Saturn Safety proudly offers online training for a variety of safety skills and equipment. With mobile or desktop access to hundreds of online courses – you can start learning or improving your soft skills from almost anywhere on the planet! View our full list of online courses or select from our featured course list.

Fall protection
Gas detection
Hearing conservation
Asbestos awareness
First aid
Lockout Tagout (LOTO)
Confined space awareness

VMI Services

Changing the traditional ordering process for the better

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) allows us to simplify inventory management and order fulfillment by streamlining the supply chain for our clients. In optimizing the availability of products at a minimal cost, benefits of Saturn Safety’s VMI Services include:

Free Delivery*

For orders placed within Greater Edmonton Area and the surrounding area, we can deliver directly to your office or job site.

*Ask us for more details, as some exceptions may apply.


Preventing overflows and shortages

Increasing your sales through stock, team knowledge, and brand loyalty

Saving you money via reducing supply chain cost

No more last-minute ordering or out of stock warnings

Saturn Safety keeps an eye on your account and knows when it’s time to replenish your inventory. This helps prevent overflowing warehouses or avoid a shortage of stock when you need it most!

Using the right safety equipment and supplies at the right time

Benefit from working with our safety experts, who are experienced and knowledgeable on the various safety products we carry, including some of the most well-known brands.

Saturn Safety service goes above and beyond.