3M E-A-R One Touch Pro Earplug Dispenser

3M E-A-R One Touch Pro Earplug Dispenser 391-0000 blue 1 per case

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The 3M E-A-R One Touch Pro Earplug Dispenser dispenses one earplug at a time with a simple twist. It is easy to use and designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making it ideal for many employment sites.

3M One Touch Pro Earplug Dispenser makes it easy for workers to get the earplugs they need on the job. The dispenser holds 500 pair of earplugs that are dispensed one at a time. A simple turning motion drops an earplug into the worker’s hand. Because the dispensing of earplugs is controlled, there should be little waste. Our dispenser also makes it more sanitary for workers to get their earplugs. It eliminates the practice of workers reaching into a bin and touching multiple earplugs while taking the ones they need. This feature is especially important considering that workplace hands are often soiled with various contaminants.


  • Accurately dispenses one earplug at a time
  • Shields earplugs from wind and rain
  • Less packaging than individually wrapped earplugs
  • Mounting holes designed to fit a variety of competitive dispensers
  • Free-standing or wall-mounted

Recommended Industries: Automotive, Construction, Food & Beverage Manufacturing, General Manufacturing, Marine, Metal Fabrication, Military Maintenance, Repair & Operation (MRO), Mining, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Transportation