Leading Edge 12ft SRL

Leading Edge 12ft SRL

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PeakWorks offers a new series of self-retracting lifelines that are third-party certified to the newest CSA Z259.2.2 standard for leading-edge applications (LE) and for overhead use.

Leading-edge SRLs are designed to protect a worker when working near an edge and a fall hazard exists. They provide additional protection against sharp or abrasive surfaces found on many construction sites. The lightweight, durable, aluminum housing unit is approved for use in vertical and horizontal applications. The attachment points include a swivel eye on housing and double action locking snap hooks with fall indicator to connect to the worker’s fall arrest D-ring.


  • Product no. V845722012LE
  • Model no. SRL-80302-12LE
  • Designed to protect the worker when operating:
    • Near an edge
    • Where a fall hazard exists that could cause the lifeline to come into contact with the edge
  • Provides additional protection against sharp or abrasive surfaces found on many construction sites
  • Mounts below a worker’s fall arrest D-Ring
  • Clearly marked to ensure the correct SRL is used for Leading Edge applications
  • Anchor point incorporates a heavy-duty, durable, and convenient swivel eye
  • Webbing features a sewn-in indicator on the lifeline itself for maximum safety
  • Rescue units come with release pins and a two-way winding handle to engage the rescue/recovery mode
  • 310 lbs (141kg) capacity for 1 worker (combined weight of person, tools, clothing, etc.)
  • Lightweight units mount on a worker’s harness for better mobility and range of motion
  • Sewn-in indicator on the lifeline itself for maximum safety


  • Anchor Hook Material: Steel
  • Anchor Hook Type: Carabiner
  • Average Arrest Force: 4.12kN (926 lbf)
  • Body Hook Type: Snap Hook
  • Capacity: 310 lbs (141 kg)
  • Certification: CSA Z259.2.2-2017|ANSI Z359.14-2014, Class B
  • Class Type: B
  • Gate Opening: 3/4″ (19mm)
  • Housing Material: Composite Plastic
  • Leading Edge: Yes
  • Leg Type: Single
  • Length: 12ft (3.658m)
  • Lifeline Material: Dyneema®
  • Maximum Total Arrest Distance – Non-Leading Edge application: 15″ (0.37m)
  • Minimum Fall Clearance – Leading Edge application: 20.75ft (6.32m)
  • Minimum Fall Clearance – Non-Leading Edge application: 10.25ft (23.12m)
  • Minimum set back distance from edge – Leading Edge application: 16″ (40 cm)
  • Rescue and Recover – SRL-R: No
  • Webbing/Cable Thickness: 0.07″ (1.75mm)
  • Webbing/Cable Width: 0.08″ (20mm)

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