ICE MELT ECO GREEN (44 LB) -29c/-20f

ICE MELT ECO GREEN (44 LB) -29c/-20f

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Arctic ECO Green Icemelter is a powerful all natural deicer that is gentle on the environment, the surfaces it is applied to and harmless around children and pets. This icemelter was designed for the organically inclined.

All Natural Ingredients: Arctic ECO Green® Icemelter is made from all natural wholesome ingredients. Each granule is comprised of several components with the use of a unique multi-layered coating process, making this product much more effective than common blended products.

Gentle on the Environment: Arctic ECO Green® Icemelter contains minerals that are essential to human life, making it gentle on the environment, and its ECO-systems. It contains potassium, a required nutrient for plant life, making it less harmful to vegetation.

Harmless around children and pets: Arctic ECO Green® Icemelter is safe to use around children and pets. Gloves are not required. The product does not contain any calcium chloride so it will not burn the paws of pets as they walk on it. WHMIS exempt in Canada. OSHA exempt in USA.

Fast acting & powerful to -29° C (-20° F): Arctic ECO Green® Icemelter is extremely powerful due to its synergistic formulation. Each granule is multi-layer coated, with all the components working together in unison to quickly and effectively melt away the ice.

Safer on concrete: Arctic ECO Green® Icemelter does not chemically affect quality air entrained concrete or treated wood. It helps to keep the ice melted longer than other icemelters which assists in the prevention of damage to concrete caused by the freeze-thaw cycles.

Cost effective green color: Arctic ECO Green® Icemelter is dyed a bright green color. This dye is environmentally friendly, and when used as directed does not stain the surface of your walkway or road surface. The dye helps the user to ECOnomically spread the icemelter in an even amount and allows the user to see where the product has been distributed. The green color helps prevents overspreading of the product.

Anti-corrosive formula: Arctic ECO Green® Icemelter contains a two level anti-corrosive formula, including CMA. This helps to reduce the level of corrosiveness in the product making it a better choice to use on sensitive surfaces.