We’re a family-owned, safety supply company that distributes PPE and various safety products across Canada.

Anyone can make a recommendation. Saturn Safety analyzes your unique problem to ensure we provide you with the best solution. In addition to supplying safety equipment, we also provide on-site testing, safety inspections, and an online training portal full of CSA and OHS-compliant courses.

Service Above and Beyond

Why work with Saturn Safety?

Saturn Safety was formed in 2012 by a pair of entrepreneurs with over 40 years of combined experience in the safety and abatement industry. We work with businesses who are serious about the health and safety of their team.

We are flexible and react quickly to support our clients when they need it most – in unpredictable or unprepared situations.

Keeping your OH&S programs current and compliant

The safety industry is renowned for its ever-evolving rules and regulations. We proactively maintain a competitive edge by engaging in ongoing communication with other industry experts about potential adjustments. In doing so, we ensure our clients stay updated on changes that may affect their own safety programs.

Top value with competitive pricing

Small business? No problem. Saturn Safety provides the best possible price, regardless of your order size. We optimize the availability of safety products and equipment at a minimal cost through our vendor-managed inventory system.

Select the right tool for the job

The knowledge and experience of Saturn Safety’s experts gets passed down to our clients. We want to help you understand your options. Using the correct tools will allow them to last longer and be more effective at their job.

Providing options and education to our clients means you become more knowledgeable about what new tools and solutions are available.

Fall Protection

Asbestos Awareness

Confined Space Awareness

Gas Detection

First Aid in Construction

Hearing Conservation

Shaping your safety practices

A safe working environment contributes to less illness and injuries on-site, which reduces WCB claims. Ensure your team is protected with ongoing training and certification.

Many of our online courses satisfy Canada’s requirements for the classroom portion of safety training.

Locally owned and operated

Our office is located at #101-17868 106 Street in Edmonton, Alberta. We welcome you to visit our Edmonton office or contact us here. Free delivery of our safety products is offered to the greater Edmonton area. You can also schedule an appointment for Saturn Safety’s experts to visit you on-site.